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Enterosorbent Polisorb MP as a part of complex treatment for acute enteric infections in children

  Endogenous intoxication based on bacteriotoxemia, increase in average mass molecules, andhemostasis abnormality accompanied by haemodynamics disorders predetermine the search of methods of artificial detoxification with high efficacy and minimal damaging action. One of the possible methods of detoxification is enterosorbents.

  This work includes the results of Polisorb MP therapy in children with acute enteric infections. Polisorb MP is a novel enterosorbent which is manufactured by ZAO Polisorb, Chelyabinsk.

  25 children aged from 2 months to 6 years were administered the drug and the majority of  the children (21) were infants. The diagnosis of acute enteric infection was made on the ground of clinical, epidemiological, and laboratory data. 

  Polisorb MP was administered at the moment of admission with dose 100 mg/kg/day. The children took the sorbent in the form of water mixture (50 ml) 4 times a day 1 hour before meal and drugs.

  The following results were obtained:

1. Stool came to normal after 2.5±1.1 days of the therapy and after 7.3±1.9 days in control group.

2. Signs of intoxication persisted for 1.7±0.2 days in patients who took Polisorb MP and for 7.1±1.3 days in patients who did not take the drug.

  Hence, available data suggest that Polysorb MP as a part of complex treatment is useful for acute enteric infections in children with treatment course of 3 – 5 days.