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Jasmin Berger

Excellent product! I was taking in accordance with the instruction, when I had terrible nausea. 100% satisfied with the result. I started feeling so much better. / 11.Jul.2018

Chelsea Saunders

I've read a lot of feedback on internet and decided to try. My complaints were periodical gastric disturbance, accompanied by nausea. Thank God, I had no more problems with my stomach after taking Polisorb. I even took it with my when I went on my vacation trip, just in case someone gets food poisoning. / 07.Dec.2017

Kayla Pearce

Polisorb in the only medication that helps managing my gastric disorders. I have to admit, sometimes I like eating fast food and not very healthy foods, for it is a real miracle that Polisorb always in medicines chest. / 27.Nov.2017

Isaac Hopper

Polisorb is really a medicine that works! It put me back on my feet for just several intakes, when I had severe nausea and gastric pain. / 03.Mar.2017

Drake Guthrie

It really helps your stomach, even if you eat something not healthy. No I don’t' even know how to live my life without Polisorb. I always take it with me, even on short trips. / 05.Jun.2015