Indications for use
The action of POLISORB is that its the smallest particles are surrounded by allergens, link them together and output through the intestines.
POLISORB not only removes the symptoms and cure its cause – removes poisons and toxins from the human body in a natural way, linking them all through the gastro-intestinal tract.
One gram POLISORB MP can absorb up to five grams of water; in addition, the medication is characterized by extensive surface sorption. Using its You provides elimination not only the symptoms but also the causes of diarrhea.
POLISORB helps both early and late toxicosis.
The influence of POLISORB MP such a soft, delicate cleansing of the body from the inside; not soaked in blood, this medication, like a sponge, absorbs all toxic substances, including products of alcohol metabolism, cleansing the wall of intestinal and completely eliminating toxins from the body.
Cleansing the organism
POLISORB is able to cleanse the organism not only from food toxins and allergens, and also bacterial toxins, alcohol, antigens, radionuclides, cholesterol.
Why Polisorb?
POLISORB don't contains additives and flavorings, so the medication has no toxic effect and doesn’t cause allergies. Medication not absorbed into the bloodstream, and passes through the liver and kidneys, allowing virtually no contraindications. Enterosorbent POLISORB MP has high security, and can assigned to newborn infants and pregnant women.
Sorption surface of POLISORB MP at use the inside is 300 m2/g, that is significantly higher than most available on the Russian and foreign market of enterosorbents. The medication is able to link any harmful substances
In the treatment, a special role is played by the first few minutes of the disease, when You need to quickly help the sick, remove toxicity, improve overall health. Here again to helps POLISORB MP, which, due to its unique structure, begins to act immediately after it enters the intestine and is able to radically change the situation for a few moments.
The mechanism of action

Harmful substances, such as allergens, toxins and all kinds of pathogenic bacteria provoke the development of diseases and general deterioration of health;

Polisorb, surrounds harmful bacteria in the intestine and removes them from the body;

Polisorb adsorbs toxins and allergens of different sizes, which makes it possible to equally effectively treat poisoning and allergies of various nature of cause;

Polisorb eliminates only harmful substances by retaining beneficial micronutrients, when taken over the course of up to 14 days.

How to use POLISORB
What are you need to know about Polisorb
Precautions to be considered
Take Polisorb orally as a suspension in water.

To prepare a suspension, add the appropriate amount of Polisorb to 100-150 ml water and stir. Always prepare the suspension freshly. Take the suspension 1 hour before or after meals.


 Average daily dosage 

    0,1-0,2 g per 1 kg body weight.    

 Maximal average daily dosage    

    0,33 g per 1 kg body weight. 

The daily dosage should be taken in 3 portions throughout the day.

Polisorb Calculation of one portion:

Children from 1 to 2 years old

1 gram per intake (which roughly corresponds to 1 teaspoon*)

Add to 30-50 ml of water

Children from 2 to 7 years old

1.5 grams per intake (which roughly corresponds to 1 and a half teaspoon*)

Add to 50-70 ml of water

Children from 7 to 14 years old

2 grams per intake (which roughly corresponds to 2 teaspoon*)

Add to 70-100 ml of water

Adults and children over 14 years old

3 - 6 grams per intake (which roughly corresponds to 1-2 tablespoon*)

Add to 100-150 ml of water

 *Alternatively use the appropriate tear-off sachets for single use.

One heaped teaspoonful corresponds to approximately 1 g POLISORB, one heaped tablespoonful corresponds to approximately 2.5 - 3 g POLISORB.


Polisorb is used for eliminate the symptoms of diarrhea. 

Polisorb is capable of binding substances with any molecular mass, like bacteria, viruses, toxins, allergens, and other poisonous material, respectively.

  POLISORB (m stands for medical and p for per oral) is powdered silicon dioxide intended for oral intake as an aqueous suspension. It appears as a white or whitish, odorless powder easy to disperse in water and forming a suspension.
  POLISORB is a non-organic, non-selective yet poly-functional adsorbent on the basis of highly dispersed silicon dioxide (chemical formula SiO2). It has an adsorption capacity of 300 mg/g. Silicon dioxide itself has excellent adsorptive and detoxicating properties.
  In the gastrointestinal tract, Polisorb is capable of binding endogen and exogen substances with any molecular mass, including bacteria, viruses, toxins, allergens, and other poisonous material, respectively Polisorb is not disintegrated in the gastrointestinal tract, nor is it metabolised. It simply passes through the body being excreted naturally including all toxins bound during passage.
Interaction of Polisorb with medicinal products Please do not take any regular medication at the same time as Polisorb. Allow for 2 hours before or after the intake. Check with your doctor whether the action of Polisorb may interact with your prescribed medication.
Do not use Polisorb in case:
• bleeding stomach and duodenal ulcer
• gastrointestinal haemorrhagic disease;
• intestinal atony;
• hypersensitivity against against silicon dioxide