Polisorb Now Sold in the U.S. Exclusively from Detoxify

Polisorb Now Sold in the U.S. Exclusively from Detoxify

Polisorb expands its reach to the United States with newly announced partnership with Detoxify.
Detoxify is now the exclusive distributor in the United States of Polisorb, clinically proven to safely and effectively cleanse the digestive tract for digestive tract detox and relief.
[RUSSIA, 20 December 2020 /-- Polisorb, a compound widely used across Europe to quickly dispose of any toxins in the gut, announces its exclusive distribution in the United States with Detoxify.
Polisorb is a white, odorless powder composed of only two ingredients: silicon and oxygen. This pure ingredient is known for its substance-binding and detoxification capabilities. Once ingested, it physically moves through the digestive tract and binds to any toxic substances (i.e. bacteria, viruses or allergens), and uses the body’s natural cleansing process to eliminate them as waste. Polisorb’s ability to physically, rather than chemically, bind to toxins and move through the digestive tract without getting digested results in a safe and effective cleanse without leaving any trace behind. This is supported in the clinical studies done on Polisorb.
Polisorb can be used on both as a digestive tract cleanse or situational basis. In a situational circumstance, such as an upset stomach, it is advised to consume Polisorb as soon as symptoms arise. This fast-acting supplement can produce relief within 10-15 minutes! It is also recommended and effective to use Polisorb as a monthly cleanse of potentially dangerous bacteria or virus. Incorporating Polisorb into a more regular cleansing ritual can relieve occasional or chronic bloating or digestive discomfort.
Polisorb has been used in Europe for the past 20 years due to its safe and effective results. More information about the supplement:

●         Appearance: White, odorless powder
●         Ingredients: Silicon dioxide
●         Ages: 1+
●         Price: $34/jar or bundle and save!
●         Clinical studies support the results and safety of this formula. To learn more, click here.
●         Gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, no additives, no sugars and nothing artificial

Russian Press Contacts:
Sysoev Aleksey - production@polisorb.com  

US Press Contacts:
Maryam Amiri - maryam@detoxify.com
Heather Zielinski - heather@detoxify.com

About Polisorb

Polisorb is the leading detoxification supplement widely used in Europe. Polisorb is committed to safety, efficiency and efficacy. Composed of solely silicon dioxide, Polisorb moves through the gastrointestinal tract to eliminate any harmful toxins without risk of absorption.


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