How to fight diarrhea?

How to fight diarrhea?

  Diarrhea holds statistically the second place in the rating of the most common human conditions. Some people, though, hardly consider 'loose bowels' a condition. However, the same statistic proves high rates of death in children with the cause being 'diarrhea'. Each year diarrhea kills 760 thousands children under 5 years in the world every year. (Information source: World Health Organization web site.)

  banka_us.pngDiarrhea is a serious intestinal disorder. In Greek, 'diarrheo' means 'I flow through'. There is no need to explain this phrase because feces can be discharged by the stomach up to 4–7 times daily. Frequent defecation comes along with the loosening of feces that can contain some impurities. Usually a loose stool follows abdominal rumbling, bulging, and aching, and it is quite common that the patient feels nausea. Stool color can be different from the normal feces varying from black to pale and to green. Everything depends on degree and the cause of the stomach disorder.


Causes of Diarrhea Symptoms in Adults

  Diarrhea can be produced in several different ways:

bacterial infections: dysentery, salmonella;

viral infections;


food poisoning with spoiled or dirty food;

inappropriate combination of different foods (milk with pickles);

unbalanced ration (e. g. eating too much uncooked vegetable food);

food allergies;

vitamins К, F, В2 (riboflavin), and niacin deficiency;

pre-existing intestinal diseases (gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, etc.);

acute chemical poisoning (e. g. mercury, chloride, or arsenic poisoning);

metabolic disorders;

high stress, neurosis, anxiety, fear;

new, foreign habitat (staying in other city or country).

  Whatever the causes are, you want to get rid of diarrhea as quick as possible. It is important keep yourself from harm. If you take a fixative medication at the first symptoms of watery stool, it can promote further growing of the bacteria that caused the diarrhea. To get fast rid of the pathogenic microbes, you need get them out of body. And for this, you need to take absorbent Polisorb and increase water intake.

Relieving Diarrhea Symptoms with Polisorb

  Enterosorbent Polisorb works well with diarrhea. Once you take it, its action will start immediately. It takes only 1-4 minutes for Polisorb to start its bold move around the body. Its preparation helps it to take all toxins and dangerous microorganisms formed in the gastrointestinal tract and promoted the diarrhea. Polisorb acts mildly to extract all taken impurities out of the body. The drug is unique due to its absorbtion properties with its toxin inhibiting surface area of ≥300 m2/g, this is the most important value for sorbents.

  Water colloid solution of white Polisorb powder interacts with toxins only in intestines and is not insorbted into blood. The absorbent is colorant, preserves, and gluten free. It is safe for children and for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

  To relieve diarrhea symptoms, adults with the body weight from 60 kg need only 2 tablespoons of the suspension and 2 tablespoons of Polisorb once an hour during 5 hours. To keep its effect, take the medication during next day. To comfortably take enterosorbent Polisorb powder you can dissolve it in fruit compote or drink, but avoid pulpy fruit juice. Polisorb dose depends on the age and weight of the patient — that is why before taking it, carefully read the prescription or consult an online adviser at the manufacturer official web site.

Drinking Regime for Diarrhea

  Dehydration is the main hazard source of diarrhea. As soon as you have realized that you have diarrhea instead of your normal stool, avoid next meal. You can only drink in this situation. Never drink milk, coffee, juice, or fizzy water. They only worsen the condition. 

  To make a drink to restore your fluid and salt balance, pour 1 teaspoon of salt, 8 tablespoons of sugar, and juice of 2 oranges into 1 liter of clean boiled water and mix. Take the suspension 1 tablespoon each hour.

  Ration for Diarrhea:

Baked apples;

Crackers and bread crisps;

Boiled potatoes;

Chicken, turkey, hare;

Cranberries, blueberries, white-rod;


Boiled buckwheat;

Oatmeal or boiled rice.

Sweetened strong tea

  In most cases, people know how to manage the unpleasant symptoms of diarrhea. It is always a good idea to know the cause of the disorder. Sometimes it is quite obvious once you start to analyze your previous day. However, it happens that an experienced specialist often can not determine the cause of the stomach problem. In any case, to relieve the symptoms of diarrhea reasonably keep absorbent Polisorb in your medical aid kit. The package can be reopened as many times as you need it so you will have no need to replenish your medication for quite a long time. Polisorb powder retains its properties both in heat and in cold. No need to keep in in the freezer. This enterosorbent takes in smells as effectively as toxins so keep it away from herbs and perfume.