Polisorb - treatment of toxicosis

Polisorb - treatment of toxicosis

The efficiency of Polisorb MP's use in combination with the conventional complex therapy for treatment of the gestational toxicosis is characterized by the improvement both of the health of the mother and the fetus and contributes to more physiological progress of pregnancy.

  The gestational toxicosis that affects the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus remains one of the most crucial problems of today's obstetrics. The traditional complex therapy used for treatment of gestational toxicosis includes theurapetic and protective regimen, diet, hypotensive, corticosteroid, antiaggregant, anticoagulative and detoxication therapy. Complexity, invasiveness, high cost and some contraindications impede the use of the efferent methods (hemosorption and plasmapheresis) for treatment of vast number of patients. Thus, we have to seek for new detoxication methods.

  The progress of gestational toxicosis and its complications are associated with growing concentration of endotoxin and middle-weight molecules in the blood that shows the intensity of endogenic toxicosis.

Bad health?

  Hence, in order to decrease the intoxication of pregnant women suffering from the gestational toxicosis, we used the enterosorbent Polisorb for detoxication and sorption therapy due to the vast experience of clinical use of the enterosorption and easy procedure of its application.

  Polisorb is a powder used for preparation of suspension to be ingested. This nonorganic, nonselective and polyfunctional enterosorbent is produced on the basis of finely dispersed silica (silicon dioxide) with particles sized at 0.09 mm. Polisorb is characterized by pronounced sorption, detoxication and antioxidant properties. This medicine binds the endo- and ectotoxins (including the pathogenic bacteria and bacterial toxins) within the intestine lumen and removes them from the body, sorbs the excess bilirubin, urea, cholesterin and lipid complex, as well as metabolites that cause the progress of the endogenic toxicosis.

Be free from toxicosis!

  For the purposes of enteral detoxication and, as consequence, improvement of intrauterine condition of the fetus the enterosorbent Polisorb was used for treatment of the pregnant women of the main group. The medicine was prescribed per os in the form of aqueous suspension in dosage of 150-200 mg/kg of body weight per day during 10-14 days, 1 hour before meal or ingestion of other drugs.

  Proceeding from the results of enterosorption application using Polisorb obtained during our research, the following conclusions can be made:

      1. Polisorb is safe for the health of the pregnant woman.
      2. Medication is not absorbed into the blood, and for this reason, the medicine is safe for children.

  The efficiency of Polisorb use in combination with the conventional complex therapy for treatment of the gestational toxicosis is characterized by the improvement both of the health of the mother and the fetus and contributes to more physiological progress of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period, positive early neonatal period among the newborn children and to higher Apgar score (8 and higher) vs the newborn children delivered by the mothers suffering from the gestational toxicosis treated using the traditional complex therapy.

The action of POLISORB is that its the smallest particles are surrounded by allergens, link them together and output through the intestines.
POLISORB not only removes the symptoms and cure its cause – removes poisons and toxins from the human body in a natural way, linking them all through the gastro-intestinal tract.
One gram POLISORB MP can absorb up to five grams of water; in addition, the medication is characterized by extensive surface sorption. Using its You provides elimination not only the symptoms but also the causes of diarrhea.
Why Polisorb?
POLISORB don't contains additives and flavorings, so the medication has no toxic effect and doesn’t cause allergies. Medication not absorbed into the bloodstream, and passes through the liver and kidneys, allowing virtually no contraindications. Enterosorbent POLISORB MP has high security, and can assigned to newborn infants and pregnant women.
Sorption surface of POLISORB MP at use the inside is 300 m2/g, that is significantly higher than most available on the Russian and foreign market of enterosorbents. The medication is able to link any harmful substances
In the treatment, a special role is played by the first few minutes of the disease, when You need to quickly help the sick, remove toxicity, improve overall health. Here again to helps POLISORB MP, which, due to its unique structure, begins to act immediately after it enters the intestine and is able to radically change the situation for a few moments.
The mechanism of action

Harmful substances, such as allergens, toxins and all kinds of pathogenic bacteria provoke the development of diseases and general deterioration of health;

Polisorb, surrounds harmful bacteria in the intestine and removes them from the body;

Polisorb adsorbs toxins and allergens of different sizes, which makes it possible to equally effectively treat poisoning and allergies of various nature of cause;

Polisorb eliminates only harmful substances by retaining beneficial micronutrients, when taken over the course of up to 14 days.