First aid kit

First aid kit

First aid kit

What to do, if the road caught diarrhea

   Digestive disorders can occur in the way during the trip, and the most unpleasant of all disorders is diarrhea or as it is referred to as travelers' diarrhea. The reasons for violations of the chair can be varied, but most often occur in the consumption of new products and beverages, as well as poorly prepared or poorly processed products. Each year, one out of ten tourists have problems with the gastrointestinal tract into the rest period. Polisorb can protect yourself from trouble on vacation. Put Polisorb in the first aid kit and diarrhea will not overtake you.

   Enterosorbent action starts in 1-4 minutes after the first using. To treat diarrhea you should drink Polysorb in double dose (2 tablespoons) 2-3 times every hour. The sooner take the medicine more quickly disappear diarrhea and other symptoms of digestive disorders - nausea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps. Importantly, the silicon dioxide collects and displays all the harmful substances without disturbing the organs.  

Poisoning during vacation

   Anyone on vacation wants to get the most pleasure, and of course, taste the fragrant dishes. Most popular products for the holiday season - it's seafood, such as mussels, crabs and shrimp, including made-to unusual recipes. However, the seafood may be toxic, even delicacies prepared in compliance with all health and hygiene standards. The fact is that our bodies such food is not familiar. And it will take a generation before we will be able to adapt and a healthy way to eat exotic foods. And given that the abstention from food for tourists is not peculiar to, the effects, both small and excessive portion sizes, can be extremely serious.

   Polisorb, put in the kit help out with the development of the tourist poisoning for any reason, which may include not only the consumption of unfamiliar or spoil the food, but also water with alien or the poor quality of the composition. Poisoning begins with symptoms of indigestion, which may join the symptoms of intestinal infections. In such situations, the sorbent with silicon cure poisoning, especially quickly and effectively stop the spread of toxic elements, removes toxins and their waste products from the body, and normalizes the digestive functions.

Allergy during holiday

   Spoil the vacation can not only strong drinks, but bright and attractive fruits and vegetables. In addition, resting and waiting for the threat of the stinging insects, which occurs abundantly in all resorts. An allergic reaction can occur immediately at the first bite of a bee, wasp or consumption of vegetable fruit. It is often in violation of the immune system are not limited to skin rash, often angioedema. Remove allergy symptoms is required as soon as possible, even if there is only a slight redness and rash.

   Sorbent Polisorb removes immunoglobulins that cause increased sensitivity to foods. It is also clean of allergens intestines, blood and lymph, and thus prevents the formation of severe allergies: hives, dermatitis and eczema. Through a full removal of harmful substances allergies milder and recovery will be faster. Usually used antihistamines for allergies and hormonal, but they have a number of side effects. Polisorb has no absolute contraindications, and therefore can be used in infants and pregnant women.