Hello. This preparation very much helped me at travel. For me it is very difficult  to adapt for features of cooking in the different countries. But in my work I need to traveling so often. Besides it gives me great pleasure. Now with this preparation I feel much more surely. This is my savior!!! Thank you very much! / 26.Aug.2015

Temenuzhka Varna

Hello! Polysorb Plus is an amazing product. I would like to share a very interesting case. The husband of very well known woman to me, was sick of viral disease. Doctors treated him with antibiotics. Instead the condition of man to improve he gets collapse in the immune system. For many months the doctors are powerless. His wife bought for her husband Polysorb Plus. After the first week of taking of preparation (2 teaspoons 2 times a day) results are amazing. The man, although he is with a normal weight, without fats, he reduced the weight with 4 kg. Undoubtedly these are waste products from the digestive tract. His health quickly improved. His wife is extremely happy because her husband is now fully efficient and complete for his family.
I warmly recommend Polysorb Plus to all people who have health problems. The product is efficient and with a wide field of action. / 07.Jul.2015

Mark Dusseldorf

My friend from Russia brought Polisorb. He boasted that he had great help after a stormy feast. We had a great evening and drank a lot of excess. In the morning the whole company was treated Polisorb. I would say that is a great thing Polisorb !!! Great help !!! / 10.Jun.2015

Anna. Varna

Hello! Thank you very much to producers Polisorb !!! I worried for a long time allergic to poplar fluff and flowering plants. Thanks Polisorb I feel much better. Now happy to spend more time in the park with my friends. / 10.Jun.2015

Frank. Munchen

It was a terrible diarrhea for 3 days, drinking the Polisorb, and it's helped. Tried many medicines before Polisorb, but nothing helped. / 28.May.2015